The Prescott Diaries captivates with its small-town intrigue, romance, and suspense, delivering a thrilling tale of secrets and scandal.
The Prescott Diaries grabbed my attention from page one. The pace, characters, and plot development were spot on. I hated to put it down when other duties called. Getting back to it was a treat. The tension and suspense kept me turning those pages.
— Judge, 31st Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards (paperback version)
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The Prescott Diaries

A small-town girl fights to keep her world intact as a powerful family aims to destroy it.

For Jacqueline Darcy, life is moving along as expected. Her job as a reporter, covering the small North Georgia town of Prescott, pays the bills. Barely. But she has her boyfriend Ben by her side, so she manages.

Until the Worthington family comes to town.

Their arrival brings shockwaves to Prescott. As the residents of this once-peaceful mountain retreat obsess over the family's wealth and influence, the spoiled Cara Worthington uses this power to take what she wants most: Ben.

When tragedy strikes, Jaq makes it her mission to uncover the truth about Cara's past. Using her investigative skills and connections in the Sheriff's Office, she discovers a dark secret about the Worthington family that could change everything.

But this information comes at a price, and Jaq is ill-prepared to deal with the fall-out. Plus, how will she ever reconcile her attraction to Cara's older brother, Henry?


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